Michter's 10 years old
I was able to get this bourbon via a lotto after a number of people decided not to pick up their bottle. Their loss is my gain.

Michter’s 10 years old

Barrel 16F810; 47.2%

Color: Mahogany

Nose: Vanilla, sugar, pepper spice, and oak.

Taste: Oak, char, leathery herbs with slight vanilla notes that are mostly subdued.

Finish: Initially there is a slight bite that although minimal it has long legs and leaves a lingering tingle. The bourbon dries out the cheeks and tongue and leaves a smoky, clover-sage taste in the mouth.

Verdict: B+

Incredibly well balanced with no dominant flavor but instead a myriad of sweet, savory, bitter and tart sensations inundating the palate. If it sounds good it is just not $100 good.