High West Bourye bottle and glencairn glass on table

Another entry from the superb High West distillery; this one gifted to me since I can rarely ever find it in my area. As all three of my regular readers know I tend to enjoy the various blends that High West delivers. Does this expression continue that trend?

High West Bourye

Batch 16A06 ; 45%; Minimum 9 years aged

Color: Orange copper

Nose: Cinnamon, licorice, botanical,  and pepper.

Taste: Pepper, oak, char, grass, and leather with subtle vanilla notes.

Finish: Warm, light, and easy. Bourye is a mildly complex blend that tantalizes the mouth and like American Prairie hints at grassy fields, towering mountains, and big sky. There’s a nice lingering burn that tickles the tongue and leaves a smoky, leather taste in the mouth. The maturity of both the bourbon and rye makes this blend subtle but delicious. The rather light proof makes it an easy drinker.

Verdict: A-

When you get a whiskey from High West–sourced or locally distilled–you know you’re going to get something at the very least interesting and most likely delicious. My only gripe is that I wish their whiskey was cheaper so that I could buy and drink more of it. However, I will be content to savor whatever I have.