Bottle of Redemption Rye with glencairn glass on table.
Redemption Rye has been recommended to me the last few times I went to my local liquor store and I finally broke down and picked it up. I do like a good rye and if it’s bad I figured I can always make cocktails with it so it wouldn’t be a big loss. Plus at $35 it’s not so expensive that I’d feel bad using it as a mixer. Redemption Rye is made in the MGP Indiana distillery and distributed by the Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits. It’s mashbill is 95% rye and 5% barley, but how does it taste?

Redemption Rye

Batch 248 ;  46%

Color: Gold

Nose: Apricot, mint, wet grass, and anise.

Taste: Very herbal on the palate: Rye, licorice, spice, pepper, and leather.

Finish: This is a fairly young rye aged at 2.5 years according to the website but the back of my bottle said it was aged at least a year. So not sure which it is or if it varies that much depending on batch. Despite that youth, it has a pretty great balance and isn’t too harsh. The mouth is left with a leather, herb, licorice aftertaste, and there’s just a tinge of a peppery burn.

Verdict: B-

This isn’t the best Rye I’ve ever had but it could use some aging to deepen the complexity. As it is, however, I would definitely sip it or mix it. I can see this being a nice refreshing summer drink with a bit of tonic and some ice. The fruity, herbal palate would go over nicely on a hot day, and at 92 proof you can slug back a couple without becoming the drunken Uncle at your BBQ.  For $35 it’s not a bad deal although given the option I’d prefer Rittenhouse.