Bottle of Stagg, Jr on table with glencairn glass partially filled with bourbonThe fates shined upon me and luckily I was able to acquire a bottle of the new batch of Stagg, Jr. After missing out on the last few I am thankful to once again have Stagg, Jr. in my bourbon bar. Hallelujah!

Stagg, Jr.

Batch #8; 64.75%

Color: Light mahogany

Nose: Caramel, molasses, oak, herbs, and hints of vanilla.

Taste: Burst of warmth and spice initially followed by leather, tobacco, oak, and smoky char.

Finish: Long, slow, lingering, intense pepper burn on the front, top of the tongue. The entire mouth warms and tingles with spice. Lingering taste of leather and tobacco. Although it’s not too hot, a touch water of helps balance the flavors with leather and tobacco getting dialed back a bit, and inserting a bit of a brown sugar molasses into the aftertaste.

Verdict: B+

Stagg, Jr. is a robust and raw bourbon. It’s the type of whiskey that leaves scars on the counter when you spill it and that you’d expect to see in a Deadwood being served by Al Swearengen. It’s the kind of bourbon that generations of fathers told their kids would put hair on your chest. Whether your new to bourbons or you been on the bourbon train for years, Stagg, Jr.  is always worth your time. It’s enjoyable for anyone and it will challenge your palate. The problem as  always is that it is hard to find. So go to your local whiskey bar and buy an ounce or two you won’t be disappointed.