Bottle of Rock Hill Farms bourbon with glencairn glass
Rock Hill Farms is an expression I’ve wanted to find out in the wild for awhile now. I’ve looked for years with no success and then I move to Maryland and the second liquor store I go to has six sitting on the shelf. Go figure. After all this time I hope it’s worth the long wait.

Rock Hill Farms

Single Barrel; 50%

Color: Cider

Nose: Vanilla, floral, molasses, and spice.

Taste: Immediate pepper focused like a laser on the front of the palate, cigar box, leather, and at the end a fleeting glimmer of vanilla and brown sugar.

Finish: The pepper just sits on the palate but you throughout the other flavors cycle through, not unlike Wonka gum, with just underlying hints of sweetness to go mostly with the earthy tone.

Verdict: B

Rock Hill Farms uses the same mash bill as Elmer T. Lee and Blanton’s (mash bill #2) however, to me it’s not quite as good as those two. I prefer Elmer to either, but at this point in time they are all pretty much impossible to find, so if you can get any of them you should probably pick them up and give them a try. It’s not a bad bourbon by any stretch of the imagination it’s behind Elmer and Blanton’s for me. However, the bottle is gorgeous and I will be keeping it and using it as a mini decanter. Seriously, the bottle is beautiful.