Bottle of Clyde May's whiskey with glencairn glass
I knew nothing about Clyde May’s or Alabama Style (which is adding oven-dried apples to the barrels) whiskey when I won this bottle in a lotto last year. That did not stop me from buying it or enjoying it.

Clyde May’s Special Reserve


Color: Light Caramel

Nose: Whoooeee this whiskey has a sweet nose: Apple, cake mix, graham crackers, and vanilla.

Taste: Apple cider, oak, char, pepper, and leather.

Finish: Palate is initially greeted with apple cider but that quickly takes a back seat to the earthier notes. It’s always there it’s just not in your face about its appleness like some frat bro. The aftertaste has a little heat and the earthier notes continue with a bit of an apple undertone.

Verdict: B

Generally, I don’t like flavored whiskey. I am not against them but usually the flavoring agent is too harsh and overpowers the other flavors in the whiskey relegating it to mixer only status. However, the apple flavor in Clyde May’s is subtle and doesn’t overpower the earthier flavors. I enjoyed this whiskey a lot and when I can find another bottle I’ll buy one. It’s not an everyday sipper but it is a nice treat, and while I’m sure it makes a great cocktail I like it just fine neat.