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1792 Single Barrel – Total Wine Store Select

Bottle of 1792 with glencain glass

I have always been intrigued by store selects as you’re never quite sure what’s in store for you when you pick one up. They’re like Forrest Gump’s chocolate box of bourbons.  Unfortunately, they sell at a higher price point than a regular bottle so they come at a premium, but the upside is that they are almost always interesting even if they are bad. What makes store selects interesting is that you’re at the mercy of whomever gets to choose and sometimes they choose wisely and at other times not so much. Regardless, it’s a peek into the taste profile and perceptions of someone else, someone who is not a master distiller. Sometime they choose something standard right in line with the norm, but often you’re going to get something different. So when I saw that Total Wine had their store select for 1792 available I didn’t hesitate to pick up a bottle.

1792 Single Barrel – Total Wine Store Select

Barrel 112; 49.3%

Color: Golden-copper

Nose: Very sweet: overwhelming vanilla and brown sugar with light hints of smoke (almost like BBQ pit smoke), oak, and herbs.

Taste: Toasted marshmallow, vanilla, oak, cloves, and pepper.

Finish: Once the initial toasted marshmallow passes the bourbon presents it’s earthier flavors: oak, cloves, and a slight, warm peppery burn that lingers on the top of the tongue. Once the burn cools off you get another round of sweet vanilla and toasted marshmallow albeit lighter. This was a really fun bourbon.

Verdict: B+

Just looking at the above tasting notes you’d get the sense that this is just your standard bourbon. Nothing special to see here–move along. However, the sweet nose, and the front-forward toasted marshmallow supplely blended with some of the earthier elements makes for a delightful pour. The proof is also perfection. Not too strong and not too weak but just right. It has enough of a kick without overpowering you–which makes it alright to drink that second glass.

I have enjoyed this bourbon immensely and maybe it’s because Thanksgiving just passed but it definitely reminds me of pie. The taste profile is similar to the Thanksgiving standbys with some sweet, organic, and herbal flavors mixed exquisitely. I will definitely be picking up another couple bottles as soon as I can.


  1. Cube Gleamer

    I want a bourbon, this bourbon, right now.

    • bourbonjedi

      I’ll save some for you.

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