Bottle of Booker's with glencairn glass

The newest batch of Booker’s let’s get down to tasting and see how it stacks up against the rest.

(As you will see this batch runs hot so I did a pre-water and post-water review.)

Booker’s “Kentucky Chew”

6 years 4 months 12 days; 63.35%

Color: A murky orange cider.

Nose: Vanilla, char, red hots, and oak.

Post water: Menthol (like Newports), molasses, oak

Taste: Pepper, spice, hints of cinnamon and oak. This batch it hot and overwhelmingly so. It’s a bit tough to get a lot out of it after the pepper and spice burn through your palate. 

Post water: A quick sugary, vanilla pop followed by smoke, oak, leather, and a lingering pepper spice. 

Finish: Once the burn wears off you can taste more of the earthy tones namely: oak, leather, and sage.

Post Water: The heat is better distributed with water and instead of a immediate rush of heat it’s more of a long slow burn which has a similar effect. Flavors are similar oak, sage, pepper, and a touch of leather at the end.

Verdict: C

This batch of Booker’s has all the hallmarks you’ve come to expect from Booker’s: high proof, bold flavors, and a serious burn. However, it’s nowhere near as balanced and complex as some of the other batches and I’d say unless you’re a completionist or you enjoy a challenging bourbon I’d recommend passing on this batch.

Despite all of that, Booker’s is one of my favorite bourbons and even though this is the first batch I’ve really not enjoyed, I’ll continue to pick them up because more often than not they’re great.