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A Midwinter Night’s Dram: Act 5 Scene 6

Bottle of Midwinter NIghts Dram with glencairn glass

I have been chasing this particular expression for a long time. After I quit looking for it I ended up stumbling onto a bottle last week–isn’t that how it always works. A Midwinter Night’s Dram is a blend of three ryes that, according to High West, have been aged betwixt 5-20 years. That rye is then finished in French oak and used port barrels.

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Michter’s Barrell Strength Rye Whiskey

Bottle of Michter's Rye and glancairn glass

A limited release rye that I was able to get my greedy paws on. Rarely do I get the opportunity to buy a limited release barrel proof and pass on it. I thought about it with this one, as I had to drive two hours to pick it up, but in the end I’m glad I made the trip.

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Game of Predictions

Dragon burning wagons

This week I’m mixing things up a bit and also talking about Game of Thrones. Specifically, I’m laying down my predictions for what’s going to happen. This season has had my mind racing and as a book reader I’m overjoyed to not know what the hell is going to happen next. This season has moved at the speed of light and I think that that will continue until the end of the series.

Beware there be spoilers ahead although I’m sure that most of these won’t come true.


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Booker’s “Blue Knights Batch”

Bottle of Bookers with patially filled glencairn glass

Here’s the newest batch of Booker’s bourbon. I’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks while I cleared out a few of my older reviews. Booker’s, to me, is synonymous with quality. There are very few that I don’t like and I think—even after the price increase—it’s one of the better buys out there right now. Whenever I buy a bottle even if it isn’t my favorite I know that it will be an experience and a worthwhile bourbon.

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Rock Hill Farms

Bottle of Rock Hill Farms bourbon with glencairn glass
Rock Hill Farms is an expression I’ve wanted to find out in the wild for awhile now. I’ve looked for years with no success and then I move to Maryland and the second liquor store I go to has six sitting on the shelf. Go figure. After all this time I hope it’s worth the long wait.

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Clyde May’s Special Reserve

Bottle of Clyde May's whiskey with glencairn glass
I knew nothing about Clyde May’s or Alabama Style (which is adding oven-dried apples to the barrels) whiskey when I won this bottle in a lotto last year. That did not stop me from buying it or enjoying it.

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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch #13

Bottle of Elijah Craig barrel proof with glencairn glass on table
I’ve had to put this review on hold as I’ve been moving lately so let’s just get straight to the tasting.

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Stagg, Jr. Batch #8

Bottle of Stagg, Jr on table with glencairn glass partially filled with bourbonThe fates shined upon me and luckily I was able to acquire a bottle of the new batch of Stagg, Jr. After missing out on the last few I am thankful to once again have Stagg, Jr. in my bourbon bar. Hallelujah!

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Redemption Rye

Bottle of Redemption Rye with glencairn glass on table.
Redemption Rye has been recommended to me the last few times I went to my local liquor store and I finally broke down and picked it up. I do like a good rye and if it’s bad I figured I can always make cocktails with it so it wouldn’t be a big loss. Plus at $35 it’s not so expensive that I’d feel bad using it as a mixer. Redemption Rye is made in the MGP Indiana distillery and distributed by the Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits. It’s mashbill is 95% rye and 5% barley, but how does it taste?

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High West Bourye

High West Bourye bottle and glencairn glass on table

Another entry from the superb High West distillery; this one gifted to me since I can rarely ever find it in my area. As all three of my regular readers know I tend to enjoy the various blends that High West delivers. Does this expression continue that trend?

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