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Booker’s “Kentucky Chew”

Bottle of Booker's with glencairn glass

The newest batch of Booker’s let’s get down to tasting and see how it stacks up against the rest.

(As you will see this batch runs hot so I did a pre-water and post-water review.)

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Booker’s “Kathleen’s Batch”

The newest batch of Booker’s has been sitting on my shelf for well over a month and as you can see I’m already half-way through the bottle. While I wanted to write up a review awhile ago it just didn’t happen. Better late than never I guess.
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Booker’s “Blue Knights Batch”

Bottle of Bookers with patially filled glencairn glass

Here’s the newest batch of Booker’s bourbon. I’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks while I cleared out a few of my older reviews. Booker’s, to me, is synonymous with quality. There are very few that I don’t like and I think—even after the price increase—it’s one of the better buys out there right now. Whenever I buy a bottle even if it isn’t my favorite I know that it will be an experience and a worthwhile bourbon.

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Booker’s “Tommy’s Batch”

Booker's bourbon

This new batch of Booker’s priced higher than last year’s but does the quality remain?

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It’s #NationalBourbonDay so if you haven’t already, pour yourself a dram of your favorite bourbon, and get to celebrating.

If you’ve already had some bourbon now is a good time to refresh your glass.


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