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High West Bourye

High West Bourye bottle and glencairn glass on table

Another entry from the superb High West distillery; this one gifted to me since I can rarely ever find it in my area. As all three of my regular readers know I tend to enjoy the various blends that High West delivers. Does this expression continue that trend?

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High West American Prairie

If you’ve never heard of High West you should rectify that and get on the bandwagon. They’re an Utah distillery that sources their whiskey and then makes all kinds of interesting expressions. This quartz article does a great job of talking about High West’s philosophy and the art of blending. Unfortunately, some of their limited expressions are hard to find e.g. Midwinter Night’s Dram and Yipee Ki-Yay. Someday hopefully in my bourbon hunts I’ll get around to scoring a bottle of these.

This particular bourbon, however, is not hard to find and is sourced from three different whiskeys from at least two different distilleries. The first whiskey is a two-year-old MGP Seagrams whiskey and then the are two mystery Kentucky bourbons; the first being a six-year-old whiskey and the second being a thirteen year-old. One of these is rumored to be four roses and some of the notes definitely support that theory.

Now on with the tasting.

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