Let’s kick off this blog with a bang. While your mileage may vary, I am a big fan of Elmer T. Lee. It’s not as refined as Blanton’s, but it’s that bit of unrefined youthfulness that I in particular like. My palate tends to be fond of the earthier flavors and ETL has that in spades. Wherever I drink it I can’t help of thinking of bails of hay, mounds of straw, and wide-open spaces. So this is my haul for the day and I for one hope it lasts until the next wave lands this fall–even though I know it won’t.

To round out a day full of bourbon I was also able to procure a bottle of the new batch of Stagg, Jr. and the new 2001 Knob Creek. Full write-ups of those and this batch of ETL coming soon.