I could probably write a few thousand words about Carrie Fisher and my childhood. I won’t because it would entail loads of nerdy, Star Wars banter and that’d get boring rather quickly.

Many of my earliest memories as a  child revolve around Star Wars. In particular, I remember playing Star Wars in my garage with the neighbor girl that lived across the street. I’d wrap my scrawny arms around her and grab the rope that hung from the rafters, she’d wish me good luck and kiss me on the cheek and then we’d swing across the garage to safety while just barely dodging the ill-aimed shots of imagined stormtroopers. As a kid I wanted to be Luke Skywalker but as an adult I realized that Leia is the real hero of Star Wars. While others fail and leave the cause she stayed true and kept up the fight. Carrie Fisher the person in many ways epitomized some of the most essential  attributes of Princess Leia.

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