Bottle of Old Forester 1910 with glencairn glass

It sure has been a crazy winter but I’m finally ready to start catching up on my backlog of whiskies. First off the newest Old Forester expression.

Old Forester 1910 “Old Fine Whiskey” B

Color: Dark, syrup with a slight reddish tint
Nose: A nice blend of sweet, fruity, and earthy: brown sugar, raisin, rosemary, and red wine at the end.
Taste: Cough syrup, potpourri, oak, and char.

The medicinal first impression off the bat is kind of a downer. From there you get a variety of floral and herbal notes. It also tastes like it has been watered down too much. There’s no real bite to it at all which makes it feel very weak.
If you’re the type of drinker that prefers a lighter whiskey you may enjoy this but for me it wasn’t that good of a whiskey. I had high hopes for this expression but unfortunately I don’t find it that enjoyable. Good thing there’s always the Old Forester 1920.