I’ve been wanting to try out some of the Michters expressions for a while, but everytime I’m about to pull the trigger on a bottle there’s always another bourbon that votes it off the island.

Unfortunately, I had a birthday recently and am now a year older. On the other hand, my family bought me this bottle of bourbon so I guess we’ll call it a push. I will always appreciate getting bottles of bourbon as a present-even of it’s obvious what’s in the box.

Michter’s US*1 Small Batch

Batch 15D323; 45.7%

Color: Burnt orange

Nose: A fairly sweet nose accompanies this bourbon with brown sugar, molasses, and sage dominating with hints of orange, mint, and methanol.

Taste: A fairly sweet nose belies an earthy taste with subtle notes of sweetness just under the surface. The earthy taste comprises leather, cloves, spice, pepper, and oak. The blend of flavors is dominated by the leather, cloves, and pepper.

Finish: A light immediate peppery spice with the barest hints of sugar and cinnamon, followed by an earthy wave of floral and herbal notes.

The aftertaste is leather and tobacco with a nice mellow burn from the tip of the tongue to the back of the mouth. The tongue and roof of the mouth is left dry with that tingly burn going from the tongue and continuing down the throat.

Verdict: B

I liked this bourbon but I knocked it  down a notch because it’s price point is a bit high, I believe, for what you get. When there are so many great, affordable bourbons at the $25-30 price point you expect a bit more at the next tier. While this is close it’s not quite there and perhaps a bit more aging would be good for it.

That’s not saying this is a bad bourbon, because it’s not and I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this bottle. In the future, I’ll probably even buy another bottle-or more accurately my first.

Furthermore, I’m curious how their bourbon will change as time goes on and their distillery provides more and more whiskey as they source less.