I found this bottle at a dusty little shop in Massachusetts and immediately snatched it up. By the time I bought it it had already been on the shelf for at least a year, and after buying it I only drank one dram over in a year. However, I recently had some friends over and decided to break it out. Over the course of the night we ended up drinking half a bottle. 

Just as a quick aside whiskey, I believe, is meant to be shared not hoarded. If you have a bottle you’ve been stocking away, pull it out and share it with some friends or family and you’ll enjoy it more than if you saved it to drink by yourself. I know I always do. 

So how did this measure up after sitting around for the last year?

Elijah Craig 23

Barreled 4-27-1990; Barrel 115; 45%

Color: Burnished Copper

Nose: First aromas are sweet followed by floral and oaky notes. Caramel, brown sugar, cinnamon, potpourri, cloves, hints of sage, and oak.

Taste: Strong cloves, char, and herbal notes with sweet glimmers of vanilla and brown sugar flirting around. Light burn and warmness throughout the mouth.

Finish: The finish is where the oak “bomb” comes out, along with pepper and spice, and at the very end a light dryness is left on the tongue. I didn’t feel that the other flavors were overwhelmed by the oak.

Verdict: A-

I find this particular bourbon to be delicious. As I said above the oak is prevalent without being overwhelming and it hits all the earthy flavors that I enjoy. There’s also the additional complexity added with the sweet and semi-bitter herbal notes. If I ever find another bottle I’ll definitely buy it.