Dragon burning wagons

This week I’m mixing things up a bit and also talking about Game of Thrones. Specifically, I’m laying down my predictions for what’s going to happen. This season has had my mind racing and as a book reader I’m overjoyed to not know what the hell is going to happen next. This season has moved at the speed of light and I think that that will continue until the end of the series.

Beware there be spoilers ahead although I’m sure that most of these won’t come true.


Beric Dondarrion:

For the entirety of the series Beric has been hanging about on the fringes of the various storylines usually talking shit, dying, and then getting resurrected. A common theme is that for some reason his drunk, bumblefuck priest Thoros has been able to keep resurrecting him but why is unknown. What is his larger purpose in Westeros and why does the Lord of Light keep bringing him back?

In the last episode he joined up with Snow Team Six to venture out past the wall in an attempt to find a wight to help convince Cersei that they need an armistice. My guess is that Beric is that wight. They will go out and fight, he will die, and this time before he gets brought back by Thoros he will become a wight. The twist I think is that he’ll end up being more like Benjen than a traditional wight and he will be easier to transport back to King’s Landing.


Littlefinger thinks he’s clever and that he’s playing Arya. While there may be some tension betwixt Sansa and Arya they are Starks and will continue to stand together as a pack. Arya, Sansa, and Bran are playing the long game on Littlefinger. I’m think there have been quite a few late night session between the Stark children huddled around the Weirwood tree plotting and planning. Branbot 9000 while weird and off-putting knows enough about the threats to come to know that eliminating one of the biggest threat in Winterfell is just as important and confronting the Night’s King. As long as Littlefinger has free reign to run around sowing hate and discontent their forces will be divided when it matter most.

Chaos is a ladder but with Bran’s knowledge and foresight Littlefinger loses the advantage of that chaos and will be led into a trap by Arya who will eventually kill him with the knife that was meant for Bran.

Cersei & Jamie:

This isn’t really a stretch since this has been a theory for a long time. I do think Jamie will kill Cersei. I think it’s going to happen in this season’s finale when Snow Team Six makes it way down to King’s Landing. Jamie has already been having conflicted feelings about Cersei and those will increase as she becomes more and more ruthless. She’s also lying about the pregnancy and she’s going to use his belief to force him to do some brutal things. When he finds out he’s going to snap and kill her in the throne room. Which brings me to the next point.

The Hound:

I’m convinced that the last episode of the season is going to be packed with all kinds of crazy content. It’s rumored to be close to 90 minutes and at the pace this season is going there’s a lot that can happen in 90 minutes. While Jamie is going to kill Cersei, perhaps at a mass execution of Snow Team Six, The Hound will get free and confront his Golem brother The Mountain. Most likely after The Mountain rips Jamie in half. After many seasons of him carrying the hatred for his brother who burned him in the fire, Clegane will face his brother and they will both die in the fight. Cleganebowl is going to happen.

Davos Seaworth:

Davos will live to an even riper, older age. He’s going to flirt with the young ladies and talk smack to everyone else. He will continue to correct people who misuse fewer, and less and will never stop wondering why the fuck night has a “G” in it.

Jon Snow:

They are going to continue to slow roll his true ancestry until the last possible fucking moment just to piss people off. Even the daftest viewers know that he’s a Targ. Anyway Jono is going to fly a dragon out of King’s Landing and unite with his Aunt to face of the army of the dead and that’s where this season will leave us. Jon and Dany united as King and Queen (not sexually you deviants). The Lannister–aside from Tyrion–are gone and they will consolidate their powers in the final season to fight the dead and bring some semblance of peace back to Westeros.


This is a long-term prediction. I think eventually Jon is going to become King of Westeros (not a surprise really) but he will move the seat of power from King’s Landing to Winterfell. He will also create a sort of proto-senate with all of the large and small noble families of Westeros. But Jon being Jon he’s going to do away with the stigma against bastards and also include representation from the small-folk so we will be left with an early version of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Jon will end hereditary lineage and will have the new rulers elected by a majority of nobles and small-folk.

Lastly, the final scene of Game of Thrones will be young Stark children being told stories of the Long Night and the White Walkers by their nurse maid. She will be reading from a book written by Samwell Tarly called: The Prince that was Promised: Jon Stark Targaryen and the Long Night.

There they are my mostly shot in the dark predictions. Most of them will be proved wrong in the next couple weeks but I will always have to live with this post showing how terrible I am at predicting TV shows.