Knob Creek Cask Strength

The newest expression from Knob Creek is a cask strength rye whiskey. I initially assumed it would be hard to find but maybe it was my lucky day since I found it at the first store I went to. Aged 9 years and uncut and unfiltered I am hoping this is similar to the Booker’s Rye.

Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye

Barreled 2009 ; Warehouse A; 59.8%

Color: Red ochre

Nose: Beautiful nose leading with oak, potpourri, vanilla, cinnamon, and light hints of tobacco and citrus.

Taste: Smoke, oak, char, grass with a touch of red hots and pepper.

Finish: Despite the proof this rye isn’t overly hot. Unlike some bourbons and ryes the burn doesn’t spread throughout the mouth but is targeted around the tip of the tongue and leaves the rest of the mouth with a pleasant tingle. The aftertaste is like smoked pepper and is fairly delightful.

Verdict: A-

I really enjoyed this rye. The flavor is well-balanced and earthy. Although there’s a good amount of heat it isn’t overwhelming. Rather than destroying the palate, the heat adds to the flavor and complexity of the rye. While water helped to tamp down some of the heat it really didn’t change the flavor profile–so add in as needed.