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Old Fitzgerald BiB 11 years

Bottle of Old Fitzgerald with glencairn glass.

I didn’t think I was going to be lucky enough to find a bottle of this, but I was really hoping I would in large part because I love beautiful bottles and doubly so when the bourbon is good. 

This bottle was designed to evoke a 1950s style decanter and they pulled that off with ease. Not saying if the bourbon is bad it’s worth it for the decanter but it’d be close. I’d heard some good things but I wanted to see for myself how this bourbon.

Old Fitzgerald BiB 11 years

Spring 2008; 50%

Color: Maple and clear with no cloudiness.

Nose: The nose on this bourbon is delightful with a mixture of the sweet and earthy: butterscotch, oak, grass, vanilla, and cloves.

Taste: While the nose has plenty of sweetness the taste is earthy: herbs, oak, leather, char, and glints of vanilla. 

Finish: There’s a hint of vanilla right near the end first rush of flavor which is closely followed by a slight pepper bite and a little bit of heat right at the tip of the tongue. Feels like one of the lightest 100 proof bourbons I’ve ever had.

Verdict: B

I think that while the bourbon is good it’s definitely not in the same category as something like Booker’s which runs around $25 cheaper than this. Is it bad? No. Is the decanter worth it? Well that depends on what you’re willing to pay for a retro style decanter and pretty good–but not great–bourbon. I will enjoy this bottle but I also know that for $30 Henry McKenna is a superior bourbon and I’d rather have the 3 bottles of McKenna.

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  1. Cube Gleamer (@neverbesocial)

    That decanter is dope.

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