Battle Born Bourbon

Babies, pandemics, and quarantines really kill productivity. Now that things are inching towards normalcy so am I; the time for bourbon tasting has returned. I’ll admit I’m a bit out of practice but I’ve heard tasting bourbon is like riding a bike.

Today’s bourbon hails from my home state of Nevada.

Bourbon: Smoke Wagon: Uncut Unfiltered
Batch 35; 57.68%

Color: Redwood

Nose: Vanilla, ethanol, oak, red hot candy, pepper

Taste: Oak, leather, potpourri, herbs, pepper, tobacco

Finish: This bourbon comes on strong and doesn’t let up. From the jump the it starts burning from the tip of the tongue and then throughout the mouth. Once the burning dies down your mouth is left feeling a bit worn out.

Verdict: B

This is definitely a bourbon that benefits from adding water. The burn goes from all-encompassing to acceptable and it opens up the bourbon to the point where I could catch some sweet and fruity notes.