If you haven’t been reading any of the new Marvel Star Wars comics then you’re missing out. One of the best, which is saying something since they have all been good, is the Darth Vader run by Gillen, Larroca, Delgado, & Caramagna.

SPOILERS for Darth Vader #22

There are only three more issue left until the run is over which is disappointing but it’s going out on a high. This scene is from issue #22 and one of the highlights of the series-Darth Vader v. a modified rancor. While I won’t spoil the entire fight I will spoil part of it, namely Vader Force Choking a rancor.

Everyone on this book has been excellent, and it has been nice to see a series where Vader is Vader: powerful and ruthless.

This makes his upcoming appearance in Rogue One that much more exciting and most likely deadly. Expect to see the Rebellion dealt with.