Why Bourbon Jedi?

The simplest answer is I like bourbon and Star Wars. Putting two great things together just made sense.

Bourbon isn’t my day job or my side job just a hobby, one which I enjoy immensely. I’d never presume to be an expert about bourbon or whiskeys in general. But that’s besides the point.

The good thing about bourbon is there a bourbon for every palate. What I like you may not and vice versa but we can still extol our favorite pours. The other great thing is that good bourbons are affordable and there’s no need to drop an arm and a leg for a bottle. Although it is fun to drop some coin here and there on an unexpected find on some dusty liquor store shelf. Bourbon is a journey and this is my travelogue.

And then there’s Star Wars. We live in magical times right now where we will experience a new movie yearly. Add on all the books, comics, games etc. and it’s a pretty fantastic time to be a Star Wars fan. My geekiness knows no bounds so I will of course spend loads of time and energy discussing all things Star Wars.

I’m sure I’ll also blather on about sports and non-Star Wars related comics, books, and movies. So if that’s your jam then welcome.

Like a good Jedi I plan on studying all the vagaries of bourbon and the Force. So join me and pour a dram of bourbon.

Cheers and MTFBWY